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The ruthless undertow of the niche waters are perilously-treacherous, and made even more dangerous for those not accustomed to its’ flotsam-and-jetsam wreckage hazards swirling around in the unrelenting-murk. The main problem being the nuisance of every schemingly-entrepreneurial razzle-dazzle technician; the ubiquitous Tire-Kicker [imagine a ‘circle of hands around the rageface’]. The spawn of mutant, radioactive lamprey sucker-fish, these Tire-Kickers have the knack for latching onto commercial Advertising ventures, burrow grindy teeth into the proceedings to gnaw at it until, tattered and worn, the enterprise staggers on its’ last legs to give up the ghost to a playing field that couldn’t give two rat turds about their very Existence. Ruthless, Eh (lol!)? That the nature of the Online Advertising niche; and with almost a dozen new sites monthly, the playing field looks more beneficial for advertising site members than owners.

One of the (inherent) problems of the niche is the existence of the “Free Account”; a slot reserved for those who will effectively become the ambassadors for the site, and drive traffic at a white-hot level ESPECIALLY in chase of advertising credits allowing them to advertise to other list members. Overall, the niche was a tremendous time-suck until there were shifts in practice combined with employment of automation. It was this conundrum that was the leading-edge driver of the push into advertising. BUT, knowing the past-uber-insanity of the level of Dog-Eat-Dog competition within the niche, what was any project constructed going to have to offer to be able to stand on its’ own Two and do battle ruthlessly (and daily) for its’ niche supremacy. It was going to have to counter-intuitively think outside the donut-hole (lol!). Drawing off the metaphysical inspiration of Martial Arts, it was decided that the weakness of the niche were the strikepoints protected in the site-to-be. First strikepoint? Site construction. With no ‘All-In-One’ solution available, and the need for organizational flexibility on the spaz in the background, a custom codebase was located, and successfully-impressed into duty. The ability to control account creation with absolute power was the most important, since the notion of the “free account” had gone the way of the Dodo.

Second strikepoint? The Tire-Kicker (lol!). More decent sites were overwhelmed by their good natures rather than blessed with innate Fortune by their refusal to see the Obvious. That they would NEVER pay (no matter how many times the ‘Upgrade’ rigamarole got played). Even with lists of hundreds of thousands of…

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(…as the chorus from Carlos Santanas’ legendary epic about Spiritual Triumph swells in the background)

At the very moment of, it was like a ten-ton rock fell off the top of my skull. It’s almost stereotypical when people who’ve experienced the essence of “Success” in the realm of Online Marketing and other cash-driven niches say that it’s akin to a tremendous squeezing pressure just instantly stopping and allowing regular Thought.

At this moment, having left the realm of lesser marketing, the feeling is both unsettling and completely calming on a Personal level. With the realization and creation of an information product profit project that indeed does deliver as it’s billed to, there are a few issues needing redress that are part-and-parcel of the entrepreneurial process. There’s still the matter of other promotional materials to attend to. The specific issue lay with banner creation and advertising services. The above article image is the cover and product of an image manipulation app profiled in the product, but I like to use Cooltext.com crossed with BannerFans.com to create some images.

The above image represents the most EXPENSIVE Affiliate Promotional Blog Keyword Phrase Title ever assembled in the personal keyword research game files. The wonder of it is not the cost of all three constituent keyword phrases jammed together here; it’s the organic-natural (Human-Readable) phrasing & logical flow that was painstakingly-constructed over an eighteen-hour period (on & off as there were other background tasks required).

The video, as well as the blog is titled after this super heavyweight keyword phrase collage. It helps to keep the parameters of the profit project intact and builds prescence Internet-wide while being distributed virally via numerous medium (sic😎).

The promotional blog content being generated on behalf of MLMGateway™ is to drive QUALITY traffic and create Connections to drive that traffic, in turn to the Fiverr™ Affiliate Program open to all account holders (whether freelancers or buyers) and helps me to rate the different strands of traffic used. It will also help with the individual gig rankings on the Fiverr™ profile as they’re ads & traffic-relevant;

In need of an entrepreneurial recalibration, a rationale for ‘Success’ dictated the need for a new profit project that could help bring guaranteed members, built-in profitability structure, and a transferable mailing list for personal promo purposing. The initial plateau projection for the project to payout is from a 5k-plus userbase, high-traffic rating in Alexa™, and leveraged joint ventures with like-minded list owners (requires some WORK).

The main problem is the lack of a ready-made type solution extant and the fact that anything that looks halfway-decent isn’t up to current coding standards and will have to be rewritten from scratch — not a problem when you possess those skills, so this is going to be a ‘Peach Cobbler Affair’. The chosen code platform is easily-convertible with several modules ready to slot into various hook sections to give the appearance of one big, happy web application!

For more information, navigate to http://promodrone.com/messages.php
New Domain Paradigm 2021

Instead of wasting time trying to generate a membership based on provision of resources, this new profit project conveys tools and info to let people create their own replicable systems (of value) to sell to other interested parties. With the playing field being as wide open as it is right now, there’s no excuse to keep being a struggling marketer or affiliate when the need to build a list is one of the few profitable online activities nowadays.

Original Screenshot by Lee Davis

I got tired of playing the traditional game of fobbing off those who’d take up my time with the ridiculous notion that I’d be interested in throwing in as being either an affiliate or customer of theirs when they clearly see me publishing in the feeds and know that I’m all about my personally-generated projects.

It’s pretty easy to tell when someone has no type of inferential thinking skills at all when they constantly approach people with a same-ol’, same-ol’, sad-assed non-pitch discernible mook idiocy that wouldn’t allow them to eat from even if they were online at a food bank 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😅😁🙄😉.

The image above is a measured attempt to help me save both my breath and my fingers. I had a cut-and-paste response I’d been phoning in to Scammers and Stepfords, but then realized that the profile was the best place for the example image above. This will save 1-to-3 hours weekly to invest elsewhere…👍✔

It’s been a good run, but I’m ripping the current codebase on the old domain down to basics to create a responsive lead capture page that I can leave up for the next ninety days while I let the domain accrue interested list members and plumb code for the future advertising paradigm being converted to.

Freehosting.com is so full of shit, their teeth are brown…
Evidence of the impotence of a previously-reputable hosting server…

Incompetence Makes Room For The Visionary Entrepreneur

The above image is enough to make the blood of any domain-holding web professional boil in unfettered rage and acrimony. Doesn’t matter if there’s no money being exchanged for services. If you offer a service for no payment, there should be a minimum of service standards that come with it…

Lee Davis

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