#Winning [How To Create An ORIGINAL Information Product To Make Money Online With]

An ORIGINAL Make Money Online tutorial about how to simply & replicably dominate any Social Media feed to drive and monetize buyer traffic daily.
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(…as the chorus from Carlos Santanas’ legendary epic about Spiritual Triumph swells in the background)

At the very moment of, it was like a ten-ton rock fell off the top of my skull. It’s almost stereotypical when people who’ve experienced the essence of “Success” in the realm of Online Marketing and other cash-driven niches say that it’s akin to a tremendous squeezing pressure just instantly stopping and allowing regular Thought.

At this moment, having left the realm of lesser marketing, the feeling is both unsettling and completely calming on a Personal level. With the realization and creation of an information product profit project that indeed does deliver as it’s billed to, there are a few issues needing redress that are part-and-parcel of the entrepreneurial process. There’s still the matter of other promotional materials to attend to. The specific issue lay with banner creation and advertising services. The above article image is the cover and product of an image manipulation app profiled in the product, but I like to use Cooltext.com crossed with BannerFans.com to create some images.

Social Media Cash Blizzard™ [Automated Social Media Posting Profits!]
Social Media Cash Blizzard™ [Automated Social Media Posting Profits!]
Social Media Cash Blizzard™ [All Images Copyrighted @umlautbastards]

This profit project is also a result of the Truism, “Nothing costs less than something done right the FIRST time”. As an entrepreneurial info-product creator, my concern is that the target audience is going to be served well and the advertised product is going to work AS ADVERTISED to solve the problem that attracted them to that product in the first place. Being on the other side as a consumer, this always irked me to no end as the form
never fit the function that it was sold under the guise of. Social Media Cash Blizzard™ is a SIMPLE means of automating your Buyer Traffic troll in the Social Media Realm where you’re not only cutting through the daily static of your favorite sites, but DOMINATING THEM!!! Think about that for a second…

Whatever your weapon of choice to disseminate your essence through the Networking universe, imagine being able to step in on any homepage feed and just become an obnoxious bully if you so chose to (lol!)? In fact, if you tuned up this methodology by purchasing the Unrestricted Private Label Rights license (as it includes TWO ADDITIONAL tweaks), who know how much havoc you could wreak on your so-called competition?!? It’s been a hectic few days since the whole process was codified and the first part of the (basic) sales funnel is done and just awaiting potential buyer traffic. As there’s a domain name switch going on at the moment, I’m not even
jumping on that train yet. I want to ensure there are NO SNAGS whatsoever when I’m ready to open up the big guns.

Vacillating between paranoid disbelief and triumphant squawkle, the test-retest-&-muh1#@1)(@-retest-again! crucible held INTACT no matter how much I swung to the paranoic. The system worked in all three income-production scenarios
THE SAME WAY WITH THE SAME RESULT — I was able to almost completely dominate social media feeds when they were on dormant times (when anyone could manually), and was able to hold my own in peak feed posting periods, even with the propagation of Bots, Spam Marketers, Social Media Managers and management consultancies, and Fortune 500 ‘Brands’ going buckwild in the places to be. My only caveat would be that I don’t know how the methodology performs in places like Facebook™ & Instagram™ (as I won’t ever have accounts there), but, in similar environments (Pinterest™ and
Webtalk™), it’s all go. Just like Alex Ligertwood sang on the chorus, “I’m Winning…”. And I don’t (ever) intend (on) losing again…EVER.

#Winning…the Make Money Online Game on your OWN terms…!

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